Petal Isles Special Way of the Goomba

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Petal Isles Special Way of the Goomba
Petal Isles Special Way of the Goomba
Yellow Yoshi as a Goomba, near the first 10-flower coin
World Special World
Game Super Mario Bros. Wonder
Difficulty ★★★★★
Wonder Effect Turns the player into a Goomba
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Petal Isles Special Way of the Goomba is a level in the Special World in Super Mario Bros. Wonder. It is unlocked after clearing Wiggler Race Spelunking!, and houses two Wonder Seeds.


The level starts with a pipe spawning Goombas, which then walk across a Spike Trap. Beyond that is the Wonder Flower, which turns the player into a Goomba. They must then walk past several Thwomps to an area with Mushroom Trampolines and Thwomps they must walk on before proceeding to a long Donut Block. The player then encounters some Mushroom Trampolines on tracks, which leads them to a bush they must hide behind to avoid oncoming Spike Balls. After falling onto another Mushroom Trampoline to avoid more Spike Balls, the player must jump on bubbles blown by two pairs of Blewbirds to reach the Wonder Seed. The player must then pass another pipe spawning Goombas to reach the Goal Pole.

10-flower coins[edit]

  • 10-flower coin 1: Suspended in midair between the third and fourth Thwomps. The player must stand on either Thwomp as they rise back up, then fall off at the right moment in order to collect it.
  • 10-flower coin 2: In the segment with Mushroom Trampolines on tracks, the player must bounce on a lower Mushroom Trampoline that moves back and forth below the 10-flower coin.
  • 10-flower coin 3: At the second pair of Blewbirds. The player must wait for a gap in their bubble blowing, then fall down towards it at the right moment.

Enemies and obstacles[edit]

Talking Flower quotes[edit]

  • "See ya later!"
  • "Wow!"
  • "I believe in you!"
  • "Way to go!"


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese フラワー諸島しょとうSPべ!クリボー修練場しゅうれんじょう
Furawā shotō SP Tobe! Kuribō shūren-jō
Petal Isles SP: Fly! Goomba training ground

Chinese (simplified) 花花群岛SP 飞吧! 栗宝宝修练埸
Huāhuā Qúndǎo SP fēi ba! Lì Bǎobǎo xiūliàn yì
Petal Isles SP: Fly! Goomba training ground

Chinese (traditional) 花花群島SP 飛吧! 栗寶寶修練埸
Huāhuā Qúndǎo SP fēi ba! Lì Bǎobǎo xiūliàn yì
Petal Isles SP: Fly! Goomba training ground

French Îles florales SP : La voie du Goomba
Petal Isles SP: The way of the Goomba
German Blüteninseln-Spezial: Gumba-Turnstunde
Petal Isles Special: Goomba Gym
Italian Arcipelago dei Fiori SP: Nel dojo dei Goomba
Petal Isles SP: In Goomba's dojo
Korean 플라워 제도 SP 날아라! 굼바 수련장
Peullawo Jedo SP Nal-ala! Gumba sulyeonjang
Petal Isles SP: Fly! Goomba training ground

Portuguese (NOA) Arquipélago especial: Ande como um Goomba!
Petal Special: Walk like a Goomba!
Portuguese (NOE) Especial do Arquipélago: Na pele de um Goomba
Petal's Special: In a Goomba's skin (as in, putting yourself in a Goomba's shoes)
Russian Экстра: школа гумб на Цветочных островах
Ekstra: shkola gumb na Cvetochnyh ostrovah
Extra: goomba school on the Petal Isles

Spanish Especial Pétalo: La vía del Goomba
Petal Special: Way of the Goomba