Light-Switch Mansion

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Light-Switch Mansion
The Wonder Effect in the level Light-Switch Mansion in Super Mario Bros. Wonder, AKA A Night at Boo's Opera
World Fungi Mines
Game Super Mario Bros. Wonder
Difficulty ★★
Wonder Effect Summons King Boo to chase the players and sing "A Night at Boo's Opera", alongside Boos and Moving Doors
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Light-Switch Mansion is a level in Super Mario Bros. Wonder. This level takes place in a haunted mansion full of Boos; it is the only Ghost House-themed stage in the game. There are also Light-Switches that activate lights for a short time, revealing the locations of invisible blocks. It is found in the Fungi Mines, in the first area of the world. The level is initially hidden by fog, but can be revealed if the player gets close to it. It contains two Wonder Seeds.


The player starts in an area where four Boos guard a door. This room has a Light-Switch that activates the lights to both reveal the invisible blocks and to defeat the Boos in the area. After entering the door, the player must get through a hallway with more Boos, invisible blocks and lights. Along the way are Moving Doors disguised as normal doors. Some of them doors lead to new areas. After the first two Moving Doors is a checkpoint.

After the first checkpoint is a bridge of invisible blocks that move once nearby interactive tulips are activated. There are then three rows of invisible blocks moving in spiral patterns, with a Talking Flower enjoying the ride on the first row. There are Boos floating close by as well. After this section is a door close to what seems to be a pit, but invisible blocks create a bridge for the players. Entering this door will lead the player to the goal, but going across the bridge will lead the player to the second checkpoint.

Past this checkpoint is a door that leads to a seemingly empty area where a Wonder Flower is. Upon collecting the Wonder Flower, King Boo appears and starts chasing the player down a hallway with chandelier platforms, lots of Boos and more Moving Doors. King Boo and the enemies sing "A Night at Boo's Opera" during this Wonder Effect. The player can look at King Boo, but this will not stop him; he will continue to pursue, although his singing will be quieter and muffled. He cannot be defeated in any way. The Wonder Effect is also on a time limit. Near the end of the hallway is a Wonder Seed, and once it is collected, the Wonder Effect will be over, King Boo will disappear and the song ends. A nearby Talking Flower asks the player if they were scared during the Wonder Effect, and a door close to it will lead to the goal.

10-flower coins[edit]

  • 10-flower coin 1: Protected by invisible blocks early in the level. The player must collect it from the right side, as the left side is blocked.
  • 10-flower coin 2: In the background where the second Moving Door is. The player must defeat it to enter its door to reach the background. Like the first 10-flower coin, it is protected by invisible blocks with an opening to the right of the coin.
  • 10-flower coin 3: In the area where three rows of invisible blocks are moving in spiral formations. The coin itself is above the third row of blocks, close to Boos.


Talking Flower quotes[edit]

  • "Wheeeee! Hahahaha! I love this ride!" (said by a flower riding on the first row of spiraling invisible blocks)
  • "Well? Were you scared?" (said by a flower at the end of the Wonder Flower area, after the Wonder Effect ends)


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ライトでナイトなお屋敷やしき
Raito de Naito na Obake Yashiki
Haunted House at Night with Lights
Chinese (Traditional) 點燈吧!晚上的鬼屋
Diǎndēngba! Wǎnshàng de Guǐwū
Turn the Lights On! Haunted House at Night
French Manoir dans le noir Manor in the dark
Italian La casa delle mille illusioni The house of the thousand illusions
Korean 라이트&나이트 귀신의 집
Laiteu&naiteu gwisin-ui jib
Light & Night Haunted House
Portuguese (NOA) Acenda as luzes da casa mal-assombrada! Turn on the lights of the haunted house!
Portuguese (NOE) Depressa! Acende as luzes! Quick! Turn on the lights!
Spanish Luces en la casa encantada Lights in the Haunted House