Bulrush Coming Through!

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Bulrush Coming Through!
A herd of Bulrushes charging into a Goal Pole in Super Mario Bros. Wonder
World Pipe-Rock Plateau
Game Super Mario Bros. Wonder
Primary power-up Fire Flower
Wonder Effect Summons a herd of Bulrushes
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Bulrush Coming Through! is the fourth-listed course of Pipe-Rock Plateau in Super Mario Bros. Wonder. It primarily centers on Hard Blocks and Bulrushes, which charge at the player and can break those blocks. It is one of several levels that are part of an open area of the map unlocked after completing the Badge House in Pipe-Rock Plateau. This level houses three Wonder Seeds.[1]


The start of the level immediately demonstrates its main mechanics, with a Bulrush clearing the Hard Blocks under a pair of ? Blocks for the player to hit, with one of them containing a Fire Flower. Past this are several tree platforms and Hard Blocks arranged in staircase-like structures, along with Swirlypods and more Bulrushes. Throughout the level, luring Bulrushes into destroying Hard Blocks rewards the player with coins and flower coins.

Past the Checkpoint Flag, the player is introduced to Bulrushes jumping off of ramps, as well as Trompettes. Multiple red Warp Pipes are spread across this part of the level, blocking the path of charging Bulrushes. A Lifting Shabon is hidden inside a ? Block, and past it is a bed of spikes, with Hard Blocks over it serving as a bridge. After a few more trees and enemies, the Goal Pole can be found, with the top reachable by riding on top of a Bulrush as it jumps off a ramp.[2][3]

The level's Wonder Flower is located right after the Checkpoint Flag, inside some glowing blocks floating in the air. The player should continue right to find a Bulrush which will leap towards the blocks, breaking them and revealing the Wonder Flower. Touching it will trigger the level's Wonder Effect, which causes a herd of Bulrushes to stampede the stage. The player can stand on them and follow them across their path. They will knock down the regular Goal Pole, taking the player to a large incline behind. The stampede will run up the incline to some Cloud Lifts and Cloud Blocks that player must jump on to find the Wonder Seed, followed by the hidden goal at the end.

Hidden Character Blocks[edit]

10-flower coins[edit]

  • 10-flower coin 1: Trapped behind some blocks near the start. The player must first Ground Pound the tree next to them twice to lower it down to ground level, then lure the nearby Bulrush towards the blocks to break through them and get access to the coin.[2][3]
  • 10-flower coin 2: Immediately after the first red Warp Pipe is a tree with a Talking Flower on it. Ground Pounding the tree will cause it to rise. The player should continue to stand on the tree while it is rising to access a secret sky area. There, the player should progress across the cloud platforms while avoiding the Smogrins to find the coin at the end.[2][3]
  • 10-flower coin 3: Trapped behind some blocks close to the end. The player must lure the Bulrush standing on a tree found earlier to break the blocks.[3]

Hidden goal[edit]

If the player managed to reach the Wonder Seed from the Wonder Effect, the hidden goal is located immediately afterwards and rewards the player with a secret third Wonder Seed. The Goal Pole here is much taller than usual.[2][3]



Talking Flower quotes[edit]

  • "That was stressful!" (At the beginning of the stage, after a Bulrush breaks the blocks close to the flower)
  • "Bored, bored, bored." (on top of the second Ground Poundable tree)[2]
    • "Wow!" (after rising to the secret area)[2]
  • "Something feels...off..." (near the location of the Wonder Flower)[2]
    • "OooOOaaaAAH!" (when the Wonder Effect is activated)[2]
  • "AaaaAAaaAAAH!" (when passing the first Goal Pole during the Wonder Effect)[2]
  • "That was wild." (near the level's secret exit)[2]
  • "Hey, someone to talk to!" (underneath the level's secret exit)
    • "Farewell, lonely days!"
    • "Ahaha!"


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 猪突猛進ちょとつもうしんぼくトッシン[4]
Chototsu-mōshin Boku Tosshin
Rushing recklessly, I (am) Bulrush

Chinese (simplified) 横冲直撞 我是暴冲兽
héng chōng zhí zhuàng wǒ shì bào chōng shòu
Rushing recklessly, I am the Bulrush

Chinese (traditional) 橫衝直撞 我是暴衝獸
héng chōng zhí zhuàng wǒ shì bào chōng shòu
Rushing recklessly, I am the Bulrush

Dutch Een Bulrush stopt voor niets
A Bulrush stops at nothing
French (NOA) Cours, cours, Coursératops!
Run, run, Bulrush!
French (NOE) Cours, cours, Coursératops !
Run, run, Bulrush!
German Einen Gallopteros hält gar nichts auf!
Nothing can stop a Bulrush!
Italian Biceratopi inarrestabili
Unstoppable Bulrushes
Korean 오직 돌진뿐! 나는야 돌진뿌리
Ojik Doljinppun! Naneunya Doljinppuri
Jush Dashing! I am Bulrush

Portuguese (NOA) Cuidado! Travessia de Atouropelos!
Caution! Bulrush Crossing!
Portuguese (NOE) Vai, Atouropelo, em frente!
Go, Bulrush, keep going!
Russian Спринтозавр, на старт!
Sprintozavr, na start!
Bulrush, to the starting line!

Spanish El imbatible embate del Embistonte
The Unbeatable Attack of the Bulrush


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