Break Time! Hot-Hot Rocks

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"Hot-Hot Rocks" redirects here. For information about the enemy, see Hot-Hot Rock.
Break Time!
Hot-Hot Rocks
Screenshot of Break Time! Hot-Hot Rocks
World Deep Magma Bog
Game Super Mario Bros. Wonder
Primary power-up Elephant Fruit
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Break Time! Hot-Hot Rocks is a Break Time! level in Super Mario Bros. Wonder. It is unlocked by finding the secret exit in Hot-Hot Hot!.


The player must hit a ? Block to obtain an Elephant Fruit. They must then use water pits to fill water, to put out the Hot-Hot Rocks. They can also use the water pots to put out the Hot-Hot Rocks. Once all of them are put out, the Wonder Seed appears. Collecting it ends the level.


Talking Flower quotes[edit]

  • "*pant* *pant*"
    • "This heat is ridiculous..."
    • "Yep, it is way too hot." (once sprayed with water)
    • "Hang on..." (once all the Hot-Hot Rocks are extinguished)
    • "Is it a tiny bit cooler?"


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese あっちこっちのアチアチいし
Atchi kotchi no Achi-achi Ishi
Hot-Hot Rocks here and there

French Caverne ardente
Blazing cave
German Vorsicht, heiß!
Beware, hot!
Portuguese (NOA) Câmara escaldante!
Hot chamber!
Portuguese (NOE) Caminhada lávica
Lava walk