Sunbaked Desert

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Sunbaked Desert
Overview of Sunbaked Desert.
Game Super Mario Bros. Wonder
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Sunbaked Desert is the fourth world in Super Mario Bros. Wonder. It is an arid desert with white sands and a large fortress. Some levels are mirages the player must walk close to reveal, and others are covered in sand that the player must run into to remove, revealing the level. The world contains a puzzle where the player must stand on three buttons with ? Block symbols to open a door leading to an optional level.

This world contains yellow Wonder Flowers and Wonder Seeds, and there is a total of 36 Wonder Seeds and one Royal Seed to collect.


Sunbaked Desert contains 21 levels, a Poplin house and two Poplin Shops, one of which is hidden.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ヒデリー砂漠
Hiderī Sabaku
Elongation of「」(hideri, drought) +「砂漠」(sabaku, desert)
Chinese 日光沙漠
Rìguāng Shāmò
Sunlight Desert
Dutch Gloeiwoestein Glowing Desert
French Désert cuisant Burning desert
German Wolkenlose Wüste Cloudless Desert
Italian Deserto Solleone Blazing sun desert; shared with Glare Desert
Korean 해뜨거 사막
Haetteugeo Samak
"Haetteugeo" Desert; "해뜨거" is a portmanteau of "해" (hae, sun) and "앗 뜨거" (at tteugeo, an exclamation of touching hot)
Portuguese Deserto Tórrido Torrid Desert
Russian Опаленная пустыня
Opalennaya pustynya
Scorched Desert
Spanish Desierto Tostisol Toast-Sun Desert


  • The theming of this world appears to be inspired by gypsum sand dunes (which in real life are most prominent in White Sands National Park in the US state of New Mexico) due to the white color of the sand.