An Uncharted Area: Wubba Ruins

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An Uncharted Area: Wubba Ruins
An Uncharted Area: Wubba Ruins' Wonder Effect
World Fungi Mines
Game Super Mario Bros. Wonder
Difficulty ★★
Primary power-up Fire Flower
Wonder Effect Transforms the players into Wubbas
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An Uncharted Area: Wubba Ruins, also known as Wubba Ruins,[1] is a course in Super Mario Bros. Wonder. It is found in the Fungi Mines and is unlocked after clearing Loyal Poplin's House. A Wonder Packun prevents access to this course however, and can only be rid of if the players have at least six Fungi Mines Wonder Seeds. This course features lots of Wubbas and slime the players can stand on and swim in. Completion of this course unlocks Badge Challenge Grappling Vine I and Another Uncharted Area: Swaying Ruins. The difficulty of this course is two stars, and it houses two Wonder Seeds.


The players start outside the ruins, where two area of slime are, as well as a Wubba. The players must get through the slime to enter the ruins. Once inside, the players will have to traverse past lots of slime and Wubbas to make progress. Some of these slimy areas are above the ground and close to the ceiling. After climbing up three stair-like platforms, there will then be yellow Konks that attack from above and can smash through the slime, causing it to disappear temporarily and then reappear. The slime will then lead upwards, where there are more yellow Konks and Wubbas. There is then solid ground where the Checkpoint Flag is.

Beyond the Checkpoint Flag, the path descends, and there are cyan Konks that attack from below. Above the second cyan Konk is a ? Block that releases the Wonder Flower when struck. Upon obtaining the Wonder Flower, the players transform into Wubbas and can freely climb up walls and ceilings, as well as swim quickly through slime. The path ahead has more Konks of both colors, as well as more Wubbas and slime. At the end of the path lies the Wonder Seed, which will revert the players back to normal after collecting it. A nearby pipe will take the players to the Goal Pole, where slime can be used to reach the top of it.

If the player manages not to grab the Wonder Flower, they have to use a pipe found earlier in the level that will take the player to the fake Goal Pole.

Hidden Character Blocks[edit]

10-flower coins[edit]

  • 10-flower coin 1: Found below Brick Blocks under the third Konk of the course. The players must use the Konk to break the blocks and allow them to collect the coin.
  • 10-flower coin 2: Found in a secret area that can only be reached to by a red pipe in the slime before the Checkpoint Flag. In this secret area, the players must defeat all five Wubbas for the coin to appear.
  • 10-flower coin 3: Found past the first Checkpoint Flag, where there are two cyan Konks attacking from below. If the players are in Wubba form, they can easily move across the ceiling and be able to reach to the coin.

Enemies and obstacles[edit]

Talking Flower quotes[edit]

  • "Hello!" (Upon entering the area after going through the slime)
    • "How...uh... How's the goo taste?"
  • "Can't get enough of that green stuff."
  • "So jiggly!" (Reacting to the player’s Wubba form during the Wonder Effect)
  • "Ooh! You look tasty!"
    • "You're covered in goo…" (if the Wonder Flower is avoided)
  • "What flavor are you?" (underneath a platform near a yellow Konk)
  • "My neighbors are SO loud." (near the third 10-flower coin where two cyan Konks slam underneath)
  • "*slurp*" (nearby a sideways flower where the Wonder Seed and the exit pipe is located)
    • "Mmm, delicious!"
    • "Thanks for the appetizer!" (Wall jumping to the flower after the Wonder Seed is collected)
  • "The rain finally let up out here!" (near the Goal Pole)
    • "There's no end to this rain…" (if the Wonder Flower/Seed was avoided)


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 最初さいしょ秘境ひきょうプルプル遺跡いせき
Saisho no hikyō Purupuru iseki
First unexplored region: Wubba ruins

Dutch Expeditie 1: De Smurrieruïne
Expedition 1: The Sludge Ruins
French Exploration 1 : Ruines Gélatines
Exploration 1: Gelatin Ruins
German Expedition 1: Bloblub-Ruinen
Expedition 1: Wubba Ruins


  1. ^ "A Wonder Flower in Wubba Ruins transforms Mario into Wubba Mario."—Wubba Mario trading card description