Wonder Packun

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Wonder Packun
Currently Unknown Piranha Plants SMBW
First appearance Super Mario Bros. Wonder (2023)
Variant of Piranha Plant
Bowser Statue

Wonder Packun are a gigantic variant of Piranha Plant that appears in Super Mario Bros. Wonder. Their head and stem are both black, with lime green astroid-shaped spots on its head, as well as leafier stems than regular Piranha Plants. They are created by Castle Bowser using Wonder power in the opening cutscene, and he creates more of them throughout the game.

They appear exclusively in the overworld coiled around levels or world gateways, and require a specific amount of Wonder Seeds to eliminate, turning them back into normal Piranha Plants. All Palaces are protected by two Wonder Packun at once, though this is only aesthetic.

List of Wonder Packun[edit]

World Coiled around Wonder Seeds required
Pipe-Rock Plateau Badge House in Pipe-Rock Plateau 3
Wiggler Race Mountaineering! 10
Pipe-Rock Plateau Palace 14
Fluff-Puff Peaks Condarts Away! 4
Up 'n' Down with Puffy Lifts 9
Fluff-Puff Peaks Palace 14
Shining Falls POOF! Badge Challenge Crouching High Jump I 4
The Final Trial: Zip Track Dash 10
Sunbaked Desert Sunbaked Desert Palace 15
Fungi Mines An Uncharted Area: Wubba Ruins 6
A Final Uncharted Area: Poison Ruins 11
Deep Magma Bog Deep Magma Bog Palace 15
Expert Badge Challenge Jet Run II 25
Petal Isles Robbird Cove 2
Entrance to Fluff-Puff Peaks 5
Entrance to Shining Falls 8
Entrance to Sunbaked Desert 10
Entrance to Fungi Mines 12
Entrance to Deep Magma Bog 15
Special World The Semifinal Test Piranha Plant Reprise 6
The Final Test Wonder Gauntlet 16