Big Poison Piranha Plant

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Big Poison Piranha Plant
Big Poison Piranha Plant Icon SMO.png
First appearance Super Mario Odyssey (2017)
Parent species Poison Piranha Plant
Big Piranha Plant

Big Poison Piranha Plants[1] are larger variants of Poison Piranha Plants that appear in Super Mario Odyssey. When they spot Mario, they spit a large ball of poison at him, creating a large puddle of poison if it touches the ground. Throwing Cappy at a Big Poison Piranha Plant causes it to swallow him, momentarily becoming stunned from choking on Cappy, allowing Mario to jump on the plant.

One Big Poison Piranha Plant appears in the Iron Road section of the Wooded Kingdom, two are found in the power plant in the Metro Kingdom, and three are found in a secret area in the Dark Side where Mario must defeat them without the use of Cappy. Upon defeat, they drop six coins, along with a Power Moon when every Big Poison Piranha Plant in the area are defeated.

Even though regular Poison Piranha Plants are able to be captured, Big Poison Piranha Plants are not, as they will only chew and swallow rocks thrown into their mouths.


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