Urban Stingby

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Urban Stingby
An Urban Stingby in Super Mario OdysseyAn Urban Stingby Larva in Super Mario Odyssey
Artwork of an adult (left) and a larva (right).
First appearance Super Mario Odyssey (2017)
Variant of Stingby
“There certainly are a lot of nasty-looking bugs here...”
Cappy, Super Mario Odyssey

Urban Stingbies are mosquito-like creatures found in the Metro Kingdom and Darker Side of Super Mario Odyssey. Though they are named after Stingbies, Urban Stingbies do not resemble them outside of their basic shape.

If Mario gets close to them as Urban Stingby Larvae,[1] they morph into adult Urban Stingbies. They then charge at him in a straight line on sight, exploding when they hit Mario or an obstacle. Urban Stingbies are normally found in alleyways in New Donk City in their larval form during the mission The Scourge on the Skyscraper, and also appear in the Darker Side, where they are always found in their adult form. Urban Stingbies cannot be captured, but can be defeated by throwing Cappy at them or attacking them with a jump, which gives the player a coin. While in their larva form, they have no other means of offense beyond metamorphosis, and can additionally be defeated by kicking them away before they transform.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese シティハッチン[2]
Shiti Hacchin
Shiti Hacchin (Seichū)
Shiti Hacchin (Yōchū)
City Stingby

City Stingby (Imago)

City Stingby (Larva)
French Moustitique From moustique (mosquito) and a reference to the French name of Stingby, Butitine.
German Citykito From "City" (city) and "Moskito" (mosquito)
Italian Apiciccia urbana Urban Stingby
Russian Горожалец
From город (city).
Spanish Abejorro Urbano
Urban Bumblebee
Big Fly


  • While the larval form is based on typical fly larvae (or "maggots"), mosquito larvae are actually not maggots, but an aquatic tadpole-like creature.


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