Urban Stingby

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Urban Stingby
Urban Stingby Icon SMO.png
Urban Stingby Larva Icon SMO.png
An adult Urban Stingby (top) and a larva (bottom).
First appearance Super Mario Odyssey (2017)
Parent species Stingby

Urban Stingbies are mosquito-like creatures found in the Metro Kingdom of Super Mario Odyssey. Urban Stingbies bear little resemblance to their namesake bee-like counterparts outside of basic shape. When they spot Mario, they morph into adulthood and charge him in a straight line, exploding when they hit Mario or an obstacle. If Mario touches them directly, he loses a wedge of his life meter. Urban Stingbies are normally found in alleyways in New Donk City in their larval form, and also appear in the Darker Side where they are always found in their adult form. Urban Stingbies cannot be captured, but can be defeated by throwing Cappy at them or attacking them with a jump, yielding a single coin. While in their larva form, they can additionally be defeated by simply kicking them away, making them completely inoffensive in this state.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese シティハッチン[1]
Shiti Hacchin
City Stingby
French Moustitique From moustique (mosquito) and a reference to the French name of Stingby, Butitine.
Russian Горожалец
From город (city).


  • While the larval form is based on typical fly larvae (or "maggots"), mosquito larvae are actually not "maggots," but an aquatic tadpole-like creature.