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The thirty-fifth Power Moon of the Metro Kingdom.
A rotating platform

Rotating platforms[1] are solid green objects that appear in the sub-area during the objective Powering Up the Station in the Metro Kingdom in Super Mario Odyssey. They are large stationary platforms that can be activated by throwing Cappy at them. Once activated, they light up and start to rotate. One of these platforms has a Poison Piranha Plant on it.

Rotating platforms also appear in the Nintendo Switch and Nintendo 3DS versions of Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker in the underground portion of Uptown, Downtown, which is based on the area they appear in in Super Mario Odyssey. They are initially stationary platforms, but they are activated and begin rotating when Captain Toad turns the power supply on. After they begin rotating, they stop periodically at certain points to allow Captain Toad to use them as bridges to pass over poison. They are shaped slightly differently compared to those in Super Mario Odyssey; additionally, a variant that is a smaller, square-shaped platform with the same aesthetic appears and begins to move up and down when activated.


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