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The turtle in Wario Land II (Game Boy Color). A turtle from Wario Land 3.
A turtle in Wario Land II and Wario Land 3

Turtles[1][2][3][4] are helpful allies that first appear in Wario Land II. They can be found near water at some places. If Wario jumps on them, they will help Wario by carrying him over strong currents. However, they will not stop themselves if Wario is not quick enough to keep up with the turtles. If their way is blocked by a wall or if they have disappeared from the screen, they will return to the place where Wario found them.

In Wario Land 3, there is a similarly behaving turtle in the room of the boss Muddee. The turtle is required to initiate the boss battle. When the turtle spots the boss, it will get frightened and retreat into the water. If Wario manages to defeat Muddee, the turtle will reappear, allowing Wario to ride it to the treasure chest. There is also a bipedal turtle who is the goalkeeper in the arena of the boss Shoot at A Town in Chaos. It attempts to catch a character that is in ball form, but if Shoot grabs Wario as a ball, the turtle retreats in its shell to allow him to score. If Wario bumps into the turtle, it withdraws into its shell, preventing it from grabbing a ball and providing more room for Wario to knock Shoot (as a ball) into the net. After about four seconds, the turtle emerges from its shell. Once Shoot is defeated, the turtle will spin around in its shell and be usable as a hovering platform to attain the Red Chest, which contains the Blue Music Box.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ネガメ[5] (Wario Land II)
カメ[6] (Wario Land 3)
From「亀」(kame, "turtle")



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