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Mecha Kuri
Mecha Kuri in the Game Boy Color version.
First appearance Wario Land II (1998)

Mecha Kuri is a creature found during the events of Wario Land II of the Wario Land series. It appears to be a robotic version of the giant spear man, a recurring boss of the game. Instead of a spear, though, it wields a rake-like weapon which can grab enemies. The Mecha Kuri runs with electric energy, which can be recharged with a precise bolt of energy to its rake. When it runs out of energy, it continuously slows down and eventually freezes. It has to be recharged to become operational again then.

Wario Land II[edit]

Chapter 2, Final Story: Kick'em out!
Wario, fighting Mecha Kuri

The Mecha Kuri appears as a boss in Wario Land II. After Wario has been tossed out of his own castle by the Black Sugar Gang, Wario is eager to storm his home and throw the intruders out again. In the final level of the alternative Chapter 2, called Kick'em out!, he finally confronts the pirate leader Captain Syrup, who sends out Mecha Kuri to defeat Wario. In battle, Mecha Kuri tries to grab Wario with his rake and throw him out of the battle. Wario has to dodge his attacks and wait for the metal foe to run out of energy. As soon as this happens, the boss lifts his rake to be recharged by Syrup. Wario can use this opportunity to deliver a Dash Attack to Mecha Kuri's exposed face. After three hits, Mecha Kuri is disabled, however, Captain Syrup will try to hit Wario with a last ditch attempt of lightning. Wario must then throw Mecha Kuri into Captain Syrup to end the battle once and for all, however if he accidentally misses or drops him, Mecha Kuri regains one more hit and Wario must disable him again. Once Captain Syrup is hit; Wario knocks her and the gang out of the castle and Wario claims his castle back.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese メカクリ[1]
Meka Kuri
From "mecha" and「デカヤリクリ」(Deka Yarikuri, giant spear man)


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