Ruins at the Bottom of the sea

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Ruins at the Bottom of the sea prologue
The SS Tea Cup sinks down to some ancient ruins

Ruins at the Bottom of the sea is an alternative version of Wario Land II's third chapter. It can be accessed from stage 2-4 and either reconnects to the main plot at the end or leads to a whole new ending. Stage 3-4 serves as the dividing point in this chapter, where the player decides either to continue on to Chapter 4 or head to an alternative ending. As a result of the two possible paths, this world has two chapter bosses: Big Kamukamu and Awabō.

After Wario crushes the block that seals a leak in the hull of the SS Tea Cup, the ship sinks down to the bottom of the sea. Captain Syrup and her Black Sugar Gang abandon their broken ship and escape to the ruined remains of an ancient civilization. Wario has to chase them through the ruins to catch up with them.

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Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 第3章 かいていの巨大イセキ
Dai 3-shō: Kaitei no kyodai iseki
Chapter 3: The Enormous Undersea Ruins