Defeat the giant snake

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Defeat the giant snake
Chapter 1, Story 5: Defeat the giant snake
Level code 1-5
Game Wario Land II
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Defeat the giant snake is the fifth and final story of chapter one in the game Wario Land II. It is set in the basement of Wario Castle. As the name implies, Wario has to battle an oversized snake to complete the chapter. It is however possible to skip the boss battle by finding a secret exit. The actual level before the boss battle is relatively short but it features the zombie ability, although it is of little use at this point.

Encountered enemies[edit]

Featured conditions[edit]


WL2 T 1-5.png

The hidden treasure of this level is located in the very first area. First, Wario has to break through a passage to an underground chamber via Ground Pound. He then should face left and climb the platforms. At the top he will eventually encounter a zombie. The player has to jump in the gap to the zombies left. There he will find the door leading to the treasure.

Boss Battle: Giant snake[edit]

Wario finds the giant snake curled up and asleep. By attacking it, the snake wakes up and the battle begins. The snake will move its head from side to side and attempt to eat Wario. If Wario gets caught, he is turned into an egg and sent out of the battlefield. The snake can be damaged by simply jumping on its head. After receiving several hits, it will turn red and become much faster. After a few more hits the snake collapses and is defeated.

Egg Wario[edit]

Wario in his egg form

Wario has an unnamed condition that is exclusively featured in this battle. However, it is not of much use. A successful attack of the giant snake will result in the enemy swallowing Wario whole. Wario will then be turned into an egg and released again. The egg will bounce up to the ceiling where it shatters and reveal Wario once again.

Secret exit[edit]

The player can find a secret exit in this stage. From the door to the room where Wario ends up after losing the boss battle, look right. Wario can smash through the wall by jumping up while ramming. The secret passage will lead to a goal door. If the player enters this door, the boss battle of this chapter will be skipped. Wario manages to catch up with the Pirate Gooms who stole his treasures and chase them down to an underground passageway, into a cellar.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 第5話 巨大ヘビを たおせ!!
Dai 5-wa: Kyodai hebi o taose!!
Story 5: Defeat the Giant Snake!!