Let the water out!

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Let the water out!
Chapter 1, Story 3: Let the water out!
Level code 1-3
Game Wario Land II
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Let the water out! is the third story of chapter one in the game Wario Land II. After Wario has finally stopped the giant faucet, he discovers that there is still plenty of water left that has to be disposed. Searching for a way to do so he crosses many rooms filled with water and aquatic enemies. This level is also the first one that provides Wario with the bubbling condition. At the end of the level, Wario finds a giant skull-faced block that blocks the waters escape route. Wario removes the block and proceeds.

Encountered enemies[edit]

Featured conditions[edit]


WL2 T 1-3.png

The hidden treasure of this level is located in the third room with the bubble ability. It is surrounded by two lines of green pots. Wario will pass this area inevitably so the player cannot miss it.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 第3話 お城に穴をあけ 水をぬこう!
Dai 3-wa: O-shiro ni ana o ake mizu o nukō!
Story 3: Open a Hole and Drain the Water from the Castle!