Defeat the giant spear man (Invade Wario Castle)

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Defeat the giant spear man
Chapter 2, Story 3: Defeat the giant spear man
Level code 2-3
Game Wario Land II
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Defeat the giant spear man is the third story of an additional chapter two in the game Wario Land II. Like in many other levels, he has to fight the giant spear man to get any further.

The stage is composed of various similar looking rooms, each with one entrance on the left side, two exits on the right side and one or two enemies in the middle of the room. The type of enemy differs from room to room so the player can view them as landmarks. The corridors lead to six different dead-ends, from which one houses the said giant spear man.

Encountered enemies[edit]

Featured conditions[edit]

Hidden Treasure: Egg[edit]

WL2 T 2x-3.png

The hidden treasure of this level, the Egg, is located behind one of the many doors in this level. In order to reach it the player should head left from the start, pass the rats, move through the left door, pass the Punch, move through the left door, pass the Grunt and move through the right door.

The treasure found in this stage is likely a reference to a Yoshi's egg, as it is a similar-shaped white egg with (in the Game Boy Color version) green spots.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 第3話 もっとあぶない デカヤリクリをたおせ
Dai 3-wa: Motto abunai Deka Yarikuri o taose
Story 3: Defeat the More Dangerous Giant Spear Goom