Get in the Tea Cup

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Get in the Tea Cup
Chapter 2, Story 3: Get in the Tea Cup
Level code 2-3
Game Wario Land II
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Get in the Tea Cup is the third story of chapter two in the game Wario Land II. It is a level based on a flooded underground cavern. Wario must travel through the tunnels in order to reach the SS Tea Cup, the Black Sugar Gang's ship. The cavern houses many aquatic enemies such as Drills and Utsutsubo that drag him down if the player is careless. At the end the SS Tea Cup awaits.

Encountered enemies[edit]

Featured conditions[edit]

  • This level does not feature any condition.


WL2 T 2-3.png

The hidden treasure of this level is located in the Utsutsubo cavern, behind the water flow at the bottom of the cave. Wario cannot swim against the currents, so he has to cross it in other ways. If the player approaches the Utsutsubo to the far right of the area, it drags Wario down and the player is able to reach the door. This process causes Wario to lose coins.

The hidden treasure of this stage may be a reference to a Rupee from The Legend of Zelda series or possibly an Ingot from Clu Clu Land.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 第3話 ティーカップ号に のりこめ!!
Dai 3-wa: Tīkappu-gō ni norikome!!
Story 3: Get in the SS Tea Cup!!