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WL2 E FishingFish.png

Tsuriuo are creatures found in Wario Land II. They appear as land-lurking, humanoid fish that carry fishing rods.


Wario Land II[edit]

In Wario Land II, they try to catch Wario with their fishing rod and pull him up to an upper level. To do this, they use a coin as bait, which is a different color from other coins. Tsuriuo lack any form of attack or defense, so they can be defeated by simply bumping into or jumping on them, albeit they respawn immediately after the screen scrolls away from their original spot. If Wario defeats a Tsuriuo without being grabbed with the coin, the coin remains afloat and can be collected so long as Wario is located on the same screen as the enemy's original spot. Subsequently, the coin respawns off-camera along with the Tsuriuo, but disappears completely as the Tsuriuo is defeated again under the aforementioned circumstance.

Tsuriuo are rare enemies, only appearing in two levels of the game, namely in stage 3-1 and in an alternate version of stage 5-1.

Picross NP[edit]

A Tsuriuo makes a cameo in Picross NP Vol.7.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ツリウオ[1]
Portmanteau of「釣り」(tsuri, fishing) and「魚」(uo, fish)


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