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WL3 Stove2.png
Wario using a stove as a stepping stone in Wario Land II

Stoves[1][2][3] are objects that are featured in the Wario Land series. They appear as chunky, cylindric furnaces with a visible grid on their front side. Stoves can be found throughout many different levels, even in places they normally do not belong.

The stoves' main purpose is to aid Wario in reaching higher places. Wario can move the stoves by using his Dash Attack on them, and then use them as a stepping stone to reach locations he could not reach by normal means. When a stove is moved over a ledge, it descends rapidly and creates percussion upon contact with the ground, indicating their massive weight. Stoves originated in Wario Land II and were also featured in that game's successor Wario Land 3. Stoves in Wario Land 3 are slightly taller than their original counterparts. In Wario Land 3, stoves appear in A Town in Chaos, The Grasslands, and Castle of Illusions.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ストーブ[4]


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