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Not to be confused with Paragoomba.

Para-Gooms[1] are an enemy species that appears in Wario Land 3 and Dr. Mario 64. They are yellow and round and vaguely resemble Wanderin' Gooms, and as their name suggests, they each wield a parasol.


Wario Land 3[edit]

The many colors Para-Gooms' parasols can be

In Wario Land 3, their first appearance, Para-Gooms wield their spiked parasols as a shield, which will stun and knock back Wario if he touches them. When they are on the ground, they place their parasols in front of them as they are walking, which allows them to hurt Wario from the front, similar to Spearheads. At times, they may stop to change the position of their parasols, pointing it above their heads if they pointed in front of them, and vice-versa. If they are immobilized and get back up to their feet, they will leap in the air and float down, with their parasols hanging above them. In cases where the parasol is pointed upwards, Wario will get hurt if he jumps on them, but they will also be stunned. When they turn from a ledge, their parasols do not hurt Wario, even though they are pointed above and Wario jumps on them.

Additionally, Para-Gooms appear in the Golf minigame, where they are makeshift golf balls for Wario to tackle to sink into the hole. When a Para-Goom drops down after one has fallen in water or lava, the parasol is white and red.

The colors of the parasol change depending on the stage, appearing as any of the Treasure Chest colors, as well as the pink-and-blue palette that appears on the selections in the Pause Menu and in the first switch room of the Green Chest area of A Town in Chaos.

Excluding the appearances in the Golf minigame rooms, Para-Gooms appear in the following levels, in the following quantities:

Dr. Mario 64[edit]

The Para-Goom seen on the main menu of Dr. Mario 64.

An individual Para-Goom with a blue parasol appears in Dr. Mario 64. It appears as a guide on the main menu, and it is also an instructor for Dr. Mario's tutorial. It also congratulates the player when they complete the story.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese カサマル[2]
From「傘」(kasa, umbrella) and「丸」(maru, a word for "circle" also used as an affectionate suffix)
Chinese 帕拉贡
pà lā gòng
Transliteration of its English name
French Para-Goom -


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