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N4 Bank of the Wild River

The Bank of the Wild River is a location found in Wario Land 3 of the Wario Land series. It serves as the fourth of six levels that can be found on the north side of the Music Box World. Wario can come here after he finds the second Music Box. The level gets unlocked simultaneously with another one: The Tidal Coast.

The level-design itself revolves mostly around the aforementioned river and its surroundings. The starting point of the level lies in the riverbed and the main area is set atop of overgrown black rocks. The water of the river is in steady movement, resulting in strong currents that sweep Wario away if he falls into the water. Some of the rocks are hollow and have rooms hidden in them. A damp crystal cave filled with Kobattos lies near the river, accessible through a ledge next to the starting point. Further up the stream lies an area full of vines which eventually lead to another cave. A large fish creature called Pesce lives there.


Gray Chest: The Anger Halberd[edit]

The Anger Halberd's head

The Anger Halberd is hidden inside the Gray Treasure Chest which is located right at the start of the level. However, the Gray Key needed to open the chest can only be found up the river. Wario has to travel upstreams on foot, collect the key, and return to the start, riding the currents and evading the sea urchins.

Once Wario found the Trident and the Anger Spell Book from The Tidal Coast, he can use both items to summon a heavy lightning storm above the south side of the Music Box World. Numerous bolts then rain from the sky onto the land. One of the bolts hits the river on that side, tearing the ground apart and revealing The Steep Canyon.

Red Chest: The Magnifying Glass[edit]

The Magnifying Glass shows the treasures that have already been collected.

The Red Treasure Chest, which contains the Magnifying Glass, is hidden inside one of the hollow rocks that are scattered across the riverbed. The respective key is hidden in a similar fashion. Wario needs the powered up Dash Attack to progress, which he gains by eating the Garlic Ball from the Tower of Revival. With increased strength he is able to smash through to the holes that lead into the hollow rocks and find the treasure.

The Magnifying Glass gives the player the ability to check which treasuries from which levels they have already collected, without having to enter said level. This can be achieved by pressing the B Button while idling over a level on the world map.

Green Chest: The Wire Wizard[edit]

The Wire Wizard, producing wire for Wario to climb on

The Green Treasure Chest can be found all the way up the river, in a cavern. Wario has to best Pesce the fish in order to reach it. Beforehead though, he must reach the fish's lair by passing through a river sequence overgrown with vines. The Player needs the Frog Prince's Gloves from Out of the Woods to be able to swim up-stream, which is necessary to complete this mission.

Wario, fighting Pesce

To win against Pesce, Wario has to feed the fish/mouse hybrid cross with cheese, until he gets too heavy to swim and sinks down to the ground, where the strong currents will catch him and sweep him away. His body mass will then block the currents from escaping, which makes the Green Treasure Chest reachable. Various insects hover over the water surface to aid Wario in his intentions: A dragonfly that carries him, and flies carrying infinite amounts of cheese.

Once the Wire Wizard has been freed from the chest, he travels to various levels and produces patches of wire, which Wario can use to climb to higher locations and reach more treasuries. The affected levels are The Tidal Coast and the Tower of Revival.

Blue Chest: The Rocket[edit]

Wario, finding the yellow Rocket

The last treasure of this level lies in the crystal cave next to the starting point. The Player needs the Powerful Pump from The Colossal Hole in order to reach the entrance of the cave. Inside Wario encounters various Kobattos which turn him into his Vampire form once they bite him. Wario has to make use of this so he can overcome the obstacles in that cave, find the Blue Key, and get the treasure from the Blue Treasure Chest.

Finding the Rocket will not affect the Music Box World in any way.

Reaction abilities in this level[edit]



  • On the official American website, the description for the Blue Key mentions a Red Froggy, as well as avoiding Robo-Mouse in a pipe-filled location, with the reward being the ability to switch between night and day. This is actually describing the Blue Key for The Peaceful Village.[1]

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 激流の川辺
Gekiryū no Kawabe
Bank of the Rapids