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S4 The Steep Canyon

The Steep Canyon is a location found in the south part of the music box world in Wario Land 3. Wario cannot access this level at the beginning. However, after he retrieves both the Yellow Book (The Tidal Coast) and the Trident (Bank of the Wild River), the two will create a storm and opens the path to this level.

The level is a big canyon, with currents in its bottom. A giant fissure will be made by the Foot of Stone and Wario can enter a big cave via that fissured wall. In this cave, Wario can find Pneumos and some Togēba. At the top of this canyon, there are two owls that Wario can use to get past some obstacles and reach higher areas. This is also one of the three levels that has an iron wall in it. After being rusted by the Rust Spray found in the Castle of Illusions, Wario can access some new areas. The first one is inhabited by Spearheads. The second one has three torches to light, just like in the Tower of Revival. The third one has two Beam Robota in it, a mini-game block and a golf room.


Gray Chest: Grab Glove[edit]

Wario getting the Grab Glove

The Grab Glove[1][2][3] (or Grab Gloves[4]), also called the Glove with Superpower[5], is in the Gray Chest in the right side of the area. Wario must break walls and avoid the Fire Robota and Water Hands along the way. The Gray Key is at the far right.

As for the Gray Chest, he has to roll from the right side of the level and avoid the Prince Froggy to break the rocks in the left side and access the Gray Chest.

The Grab Glove allows Wario to grab small enemies. This opens new possibilities for him in The Tidal Coast, The Frigid Sea, and The Big Bridge. He can find another pair of gloves later on in The East Crater, which power up his ability to lift enemies even further.

Red Chest: Tusk (red)[edit]

The Tusks and Green Flower

The Tusk[6] in the Red Chest requires the Foot of Stone which shakes the ground and fissures The Volcano's Base along with this level. He has to enter the fissure and use the Puffy Wario form to get the Red Key. Then, use it again and avoid the spikes to get to the platform where the Red Chest is.

The Tusk is part of a set of three mystical items. The other Tusk and the Green Flower can be found at The Volcano's Base and The Stagnant Swamp, respectively. When they are brought together and held aloft, their power causes the volcano in the center of the world to erupt. Wario uses their power in order to open The Colossal Hole and to create the path to The West Crater.

Green Chest: Telephone[edit]

Wario finds the Telephone

The Telephone in the Green Chest requires Frog Prince's Glove from Out of the Woods and the Super Jump Slam Overalls from the Castle of Illusions. First, he has to go to the Red Key's room and fall into the water. He has to keep swimming against the currents until he reaches a Warp Pipe. In this room, Wario has to Ground Pound the ground to make the Togēba float. He can use them a platforms to get to the top. He will end up near the Green Chest. It cannot be opened however because he did not get the key. So Wario has to enter the Warp Pipe near it.

Here, Wario has to use the owl to get past the spikes and the sparks, and grab the Green Key in his way to a second Warp Pipe. When entered, Wario will end up in the Red Key's room again. He has to do the same thing as before. Now that he has the Green Key, the chest can be opened when he reaches it.

Getting the Telephone does not affect the world in any way.

Blue Chest: Blue Chemical[edit]

The two chemicals move the heavy blocks

The Blue Chemical in the Blue Chest requires the wall in this level to be rusted by the Rust Spray found in the Castle of Illusions. Wario has to make his way to the wall, destroy it and process. Here, Wario will see the Blue Key and the Blue Chest. However, they cannot be accessed at the moment, so he has to process to the next area. Here, Wario has to light all the flame torches by using his hot form. When done so, the orange fire block will disappear and Wario can process. Here, Wario has to Ground Pound the ground to break some blocks and reach the golf room. He has to play golf to make the mini-game block above rise. Then, he has to get past the block and roll down the slope. The player must carefully lead Wario to the two blocks blocking the way to the Blue Key and the Blue Chest by avoiding the flames and obstacles. Wario now simply has to open the chest with the key.

This treasure, along with the Red Chemical from Beneath the Waves, will move the heavy blocks from The Vast Plain and Beneath the Waves.


Reaction abilities in this level[edit]


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 険しい渓谷
Kewashii Keikoku
The Steep Canyon


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