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A Musical Coin in Wario Land 3.

Musical Coins,[1][2] also called Music Coins[3] or Bonus Coins,[4] are special coins found in Wario Land 3. Musical Coins are bigger than regular ones and have a picture of a note on them. They are worth 10, similar to 10 Gold Coins. Only eight of them can be found in each level; if Wario collects all eight in a level and opens any chest (or enters an already opened chest door), a crayon will color the drawing on the Musical Coin count screen, and an icon of a coin with an "8" symbol can be seen in the status of that level on the overworld map. The collected Musical Coins aren't kept every time Wario enters the level, so if he collects less than eight of them and exit the level, he must recollect the coins in order to count as collecting them all in that level. Every Musical Coin in each level can be collected regardless of whether it is day or night, because areas that can only be accessible during the day or night do not have them, although certain coins require roundabout ways with upgrades based on the level's layout during those times. If Wario collects all of the Musical Coins found in the music box world, he unlocks the last golf course in the building found in between the northern part of the world.

Musical Coins reappear in WarioWare Gold in the microgame Wario Land 3, where a Musical Coin must be collected in order to complete the microgame.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 音符おんぷコイン[5]
Onpu Koin
Note Coin


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