Muddy Coin

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Muddy Coin
Muddy Coin from Dr. Mario World.
First appearance Dr. Mario World (2021)

A Muddy Coin is an object in Dr. Mario World. Introduced in World 28, they are grey coins with the image of a virus imprinted on it and are covered in mud. After all the mud on the coins are cleared, they become cyan in color. The coins may be covered by a different amount of mud, and when eliminated either by nearby objects or directly, some of the mud will be removed. Smaller coins require up to two hits to remove all the mud, medium coins require up to four hits to remove all the mud, while the larger coins require up to six hits to remove all the mud. Doctor skills that can fully eliminate objects that requires multiple matches will only remove one layer of mud from these coins. Dr. Baby Wario's skill is the only one that can collect these coins when targeted, regardless of how much mud are on them. These only appear in stage mode.

In-game description[edit]

  • "Eliminate nearby objects to clean the coin. Once it's all cleaned up, it's yours!"


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 汚れたコイン
Kegareta Koin
Dirty coin

Chinese (simplified) 弄脏的金币
Nòngzāng de Jīnbì
Soiled gold coin

Chinese (traditional) 弄髒的金幣
Nòngzāng de Jīnbì
Soiled gold coin

French Toxipièce
Portmanteau of toxique (toxic) and pièce (coin)
German Verschmutzte Münze
Italian Melmoneta
Mudcoins; portmanteau of melma ("mud") and moneta ("coin")
Korean 더러워진 코인
Deoleowojin Koin
Dirty coin

Portuguese Moeda lamacenta
Muddy Coin
Spanish (NOA) Moneda contaminada
Spanish (NOE) Moneda contaminada