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A Power-Up Token[citation needed] is a weapon-upgrading item that only appears in Diddy Kong Racing DS. They are small, white, octagonal coins surrounded by two blue borders, and have a yellow-orange arrow in the center. These common objects are found in every course in the game. However, because they are so valuable compared to other items, they are often hidden in hard-to-reach areas. When one is collected, the coin is pictured in the corner of the screen. If the player hits the X button while in possession of a Power-Up Token, any standard weapon they are holding is greatly upgraded and turns into a special item. The item depends on the type of Weapon Balloon touched previously.

Weapon upgrades[edit]

  • Patroller Missile (Red Balloon Power-Up): When this weapon is used, three missiles begin to circle the racer. If an opponent drives by, one of the missiles lock on and launch, until all three are used up.
  • Boost Vortex (Blue Balloon Power-Up): This weapon allows the racer to drive on autopilot for a few moments. While this is happening, a power bar appears on the bottom screen of the DS system. The player must tap the bar at the correct time to gain several speed boosts.
  • Trickster Mine (Green Balloon Power-Up): The player can set five mines disguised as Silver Coins around the course when this is activated. Additionally, the mines have a slight homing ability.
  • Hide-me Shield (Yellow Balloon Power-Up): This weapon allows the racer to become invisible for a short amount of time. While in this state, they cannot be attacked by opponents.
  • Magna Missile (Rainbow Balloon Power-Up): If the racer fires this missile, it travels across the map on the bottom screen of the DS system. When the missile approaches an opponent, the player is able to tap the character to make the weapon lock on and attack. If the player takes too long to tap their opponent, the missile self-detonates.