Dragon Forest

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Dragon Forest
Dragon Forest lobby DKR.png
The lobby of Dragon Forest
Greater location Timber's Island
Ruler Smokey the Dragon
First appearance Diddy Kong Racing
Latest appearance Diddy Kong Racing DS
Full map

Dragon Forest is an area on Timber's Island in the game Diddy Kong Racing and its remake, Diddy Kong Racing DS. Dragon Forest includes Windmill Plains, Greenwood Village, Boulder Canyon, and Haunted Woods. It can be accessed by driving a Hovercraft through a waterfall. If the player had collected sixteen or more Golden Balloons, the door to the Dragon Forest would be unlocked. The world is medieval-themed and features castles, villages, and windmills. Smokey the Dragon is the boss of Dragon Forest and has his own course.

Race tracks[edit]

Windmill Plains[edit]

Main article: Windmill Plains

Windmill Plains is a race track built in an agrarian landscape with many hills and tunnels. The default vehicle for this track is the Plane. Along with hay bales and a lake with a small rocky path, this track features a couple of windmills, which give the track its name. Inside the windmills are usually Item Balloons and Zippers.

Greenwood Village[edit]

Main article: Greenwood Village

Greenwood Village is divided into two segments: A part set in a medieval town with frame houses, stone walls and a well, and the other part set in a forest with uneven paths. The segments alternate through log tunnels. The race itself starts on a bridge decorated with flags and the default vehicle is the Car. The player should watch out, because some of this track's Zippers might send them right into an obstacle.

Boulder Canyon[edit]

Main article: Boulder Canyon

The Boulder Canyon race track is traversed by Hovercrafts. The racers begin the race with racing down a river filled with rotating logs, which will slow the racer down upon contact. The setting then changes to that of a medieval castle. A bell that is found here can be rung which will cause the drawbridge to be risen. This is also necessary to find the key to Smokey Castle. The castle segment then leads to a canal filled with sewage water, until it restarts again at the river.

Haunted Woods[edit]

Main article: Haunted Woods

The Haunted Woods course resembles Greenwood Village, except that it adds dungeon-like tunnels to the village and forest settings. The village part features a large fountain in the center, in which racers easily can fall if they do not pay attention. This course is prominent for the ghostly Wizpig phantoms that appear throughout the forest and dungeon parts, hence the name "Haunted Woods".

Boss battle: Smokey the Dragon[edit]

Smokey the Dragon
Main article: Smokey's Course

The player has to defeat Smokey the Dragon on his own track to obtain a part of the Wizpig Amulet. Like the previous bosses, Smokey has to be raced twice, the first time after completing all the race tracks, and a second time after completing the Silver Coin challenges. The race takes place in a mountain range landscape filled with twisting caves. Stone pillars inside the caves and trees outside the caves might impede the players progress. In addition, Smokey breathes fireballs which will cause the player's Plane to crash-land upon contact. Smokey will double the amount of fireballs during the second race.

Smokey Castle[edit]

Main article: Smokey Castle
Smokey Castle

Smokey castle is a battle minigame in Dragon Forest and will become accessible after the player collects the golden key in Boulder Canyon. It takes place in a square-shaped castle. Inside the castle are four treasure chests, each one belongs to one character. The purpose of the treasure chests is to hold bananas which the racers collect. During the game, a racer can hold a maximum amount of two bananas, so after collecting two of them, they should put them into their respective treasure chest. The first race to collect ten bananas wins; the player must win this challenge to obtain a piece of the T.T. Amulet.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ドラゴンゾーン
Doragon Zōn
Dragon Zone
French Foret des Dragons Dragon Forest