Coin (Diddy Kong Racing DS)

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Artwork of a Coin from Diddy Kong Racing DS
First appearance Diddy Kong Racing DS (2007)
Effect Used as currency at Taj's Wishes Menu
Diddy Kong driving between two coins in Fossil Canyon.

Coins are items in Diddy Kong Racing DS. They are small, light blue coins which depict the Rare logo, similar to the Rareware Coin from Donkey Kong 64. Coins replace bananas from Diddy Kong Racing, and they appear in every course, where several of them appear along the track. The player's racer can collect coins by driving into them. The purpose of coins is to be spent as currency at Taj's Wishes Menu, where the player can unlock additional content, such as courses and modes.

If a racer picks up a green Weapon Balloon, and uses a Power-Up Token on it, the item turns into 5 Fake Coins.