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Super Mario Chess Game: Nintendo Collector's Edition is a Mario series-themed chess set released by USAopoly in September of 2009. The rules of the game are the same as defined by the original game with one side is the white (heroes), while the other is black (villains). It is sold for about $20.00 in most American retailers.

Chess pieces[edit]

There are thirty-two hand-painted characters taking the place of the various pieces. Each piece is labelled as to what standard chess piece it represents. The pieces measure 3-inches tall x 1.1-inches wide x 1.1-inches long.





  • Luigi and Daisy are modeled after their 3-inch figurines and Toad is modeled after his 10-inch figurine, while Bowser and the Magikoopas are modeled after their official Super Mario Galaxy artwork.