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This article is about the tabletop board game. For the microgame from WarioWare Gold, see Labyrinth.
A promotional illustration of the box, game board, and game pieces of Super Mario Labyrinth.

Super Mario Labyrinth is a board game published by Ravensburger in 2019. The game is based on the original Labyrinth board game created by Max J. Kobbert; however, this version of the game is themed to the Super Mario franchise, and it was designed by Paul Windle Design, UK. The game can be played by 2–4 players, and it typically takes 20–30 minutes to play, according to the manufacturer. The objective of the game is to repeatedly draw a card depicting a Super Mario character and reach the tile featuring that character on the game board.


The game follows the same rules as the original Labyrinth, with the treasures from the original game being replaced with characters from the Super Mario franchise.

The game features 24 character cards depicting Super Mario characters, as well as 24 path tiles depicting the same characters, and several other path tiles without characters. Twelve of these tiles are fixed to the game board and cannot be moved; there are also four corner tiles, which are also fixed to the board. A game starts by shuffling the path tiles and laying them out on the game board to create a maze, leaving one tile left over, then shuffling the character cards and distributing them to each player in a facedown stack. Each player starts at one of the four corners of the game board.

To start gameplay, each player looks at the first character card in their stack, without revealing the card to other players. The player's goal is to move their game piece to reach the tile with the same character that is on their card. On a player's turn, they must first shift the maze by inserting the leftover path tile into one of the rows marked by a blue arrow on the game board. This removes a tile from the opposite end of the row in the process, which becomes the new leftover tile. The only forbidden move is to undo the previous move by shifting the same row in the reverse direction. The player can then move their game piece any number of spaces as long as their path is not blocked by the maze, or choose to leave their game piece where it is.

If the player reaches the tile with the character on their card, they turn over the card, revealing it to the other players. They then look at the next character card in their stack and aim to reach that character on their next turn. The first player to turn over all of their character cards and return their game piece to its starting position is the winner.


These are the 24 Super Mario characters who appear on the game's path tiles and character cards:

Although not featured on character cards, a Monty Mole, Spiny, Koopa Paratroopa, coin, and Super Mushroom appear on the front cover of the game.

Game descriptions[edit]

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"Mamma mia!" Where is Mario? He's hidden in this crazy labyrinth along with Luigi, Yoshi, Peach, Donkey Kong and more of your favorite Super Mario™ characters. Shift the maze to reveal new paths and find your way to the characters on your cards. Can you be the first to find all your friends?
Labyrinth: The amazing maze game! Easy to play and always exciting!
Contents: 1 game board, 34 labyrinth cards, 24 picture cards, 4 playing pieces product description[edit]

Mario, Luigi, Yoshi, Princess Peach, Bowser, Donkey Kong, and other popular Super Mario characters are lost in a maze! On your turn, you’ll shift the maze and move along the path, trying to get to the characters on your cards while blocking your opponents. Be the first to find all your characters and make it back to your starting place to win! "From the manufacturer" section[edit]

Jump into Super Mario Labyrinth!
Labyrinth has been an international classic for 35 years! Now it features characters from the beloved Super Mario games. On your turn, you’ll shift the maze and move along the path, trying to get to the characters on your cards while blocking your opponents. Be the first to find all your characters and make it back to your starting place to win!


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