Memory Challenge: Super Mario Edition

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The box cover for Memory Challenge: Super Mario Edition
Some of the games' cards

Memory Challenge: Super Mario Edition is a card game developed by USAopoly. It it based on the company's existing Memory Challenge series, retooled to fit the Mario franchise. It comes with fifty-two cards featuring Mario characters and twenty cards featuring Mario items for a total of seventy-two cards and thirty-six pairs. The goal of the game is to set every card face down in a random pattern and flip them up two at a time. If the two cards are a matching pair, the current player continues their turn and draws cards until they flip two cards that do not match, at which point the following player takes their turn. Once every card has been paired, whichever player with the most pairs wins the game. While the character cards have no special effects, the items cards carry bonuses that activate when they are paired together. With the exception of the Super Star, they must be used on the same turn they were obtained.



  • 1-Up Mushroom - When counting each player's amount of pairs, the pair of 1-Up Mushrooms is worth two pairs
  • ? Block - The player with this pair can take a pair of item cards from another player
  • Block - Two cards can be immediately flipped over and remain flipped over for the rest of the round
  • Coin - The player with this pair can secretly look at two cards
  • Fire Flower - Another player can be forced to skip their turn
  • Green Shell - The player with this pair can remove another player's pair from the game
  • Pipe - Any four face-down cards on the field can be switched around
  • Super Mushroom - The player with this pair can take any pair from another player
  • Super Star - This pair protects the player who holds it from a single item card's effects
  • Yoshi Egg - If another player has the pair of Yoshis, the player with this pair can take it from them