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Super Mario frozen pizza products released as part of the Pizzatainment brand by Freiberger Lebensmittel
The two Super Mario-themed pizzas released as part of Freiberger's Pizzatainment brand

Freiberger Lebensmittel, or simply Freiberger, is a German company that manufactures various snack food products, primarily frozen pizzas. On February 6, 2023, it launched a range of pizza products called Pizzatainment, which features tie-in promotions with various media franchises. The Pizzatainment brand debuted with two Super Mario-related products as part of a collaboration with Nintendo.[1]

One of the Super Mario pizzas, Triple Salami Explosion, features Mario and Luigi on its box and is prepared with chorizo and Calabrese salami cubes. The other, Vier Käse Deluxe (Eng. "Four Cheese Deluxe"), featuring Wario and Waluigi on its box, contains a mixture of mozzarella, red cheddar, Emmental cheese, and Gorgonzola.[1]

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