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Current (circa 2016) logo of Nelvana.
Founded 1971
First Super Mario TV Show Donkey Kong Country
Current president Pam Westman

Nelvana is Canada's biggest animation producer. It produced the Donkey Kong Country animated series.


Nelvana was not initially involved in the production of Donkey Kong Country, but it was approached by French studio Medialab for assistance.[1] Medialab had acquired the rights to do a Donkey Kong Country series, but the company fired the original writers as they turned in scripts that were judged terrible and unacceptable for a children's program.[1] Since Medialab had already produced storyboards for ten of the scrapped scripts, Nelvana decided to hire a freelancer to write new episode around the storyboards as well as hire other writers to do new episodes. The company later purchased the rights to the show from Medialab[1] and produced a third season for Fox with Hong Guang Animation.

Notable employees[edit]


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