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St GIGA logo.png
Founded April 2, 1990
Defunct March 31, 2003
First Super Mario game Waiwai de Q Dai-1-wa
Latest Super Mario game Satella-Q Shin Q Omedetou Pikapika no Q Ninsei
Current president Director Hiroshi Yokoi (deceased)

Satellite Digital Audio Broadcast Co., Ltd., better known and traded as St.GIGA, was a Japanese satellite radio company that was heavily involved in the Satellaview, an add-on for the Super Famicom. Prior to its involvement with Nintendo, St.GIGA was perhaps most known for its satellite radio station that played new age and ambient music to a cult fanbase. St.GIGA made several Super Mario games for the service.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese セント・ギガ
Sento Giga