Nintendo System Development

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Nintendo System Development
Founded 1997­
Defunct September 16, 2015­
First Mario game BS Super Mario USA­
Latest Mario game Mario Kart 8

Nintendo System Development (often shortened to SDD), which was formerly known as Nintendo Special Planning & Development (abbreviated as SPD) until 2008, Nintendo Network Business & Development (abbreviated as NBD) until 2011, and Nintendo Network Service Development (abbreviated as NSD) until 2013, was a division of Nintendo based in Kyoto. The division was responsible for software and peripheral development such as StreetPass and the Nintendo eShop. It consisted of two departments: Network Development & Operations, responsible for Nintendo Network's programming, and Environment Development, responsible for Nintendo's software development kits and the online infrastructures; this department also had a group, Mechanical Design, dedicated to software for home consoles. It was merged with Nintendo Integrated Research & Development on September 16, 2015, forming Nintendo Platform Technology Development.

Mario games and related software developed by Nintendo System Development[edit]

Network Operations & Development Department[edit]

Software System Release year
Wii Shop Channel Wii 2006
Nintendo Channel Wii 2007
Nintendo eShop Nintendo 3DS 2011
Swapnote Nintendo 3DS 2011
Nintendo Network Wii U 2012
Miiverse Wii U 2013

Environment Development Department[edit]

Software System Release year
BS Super Mario USA Satellaview 1996
Excitebike: Bun Bun Mario Battle Stadium Satellaview 1997
Mario Party-e Game Boy Advance 2003
Nintendo eShop Nintendo 3DS 2011
Nintendo Land Wii U 2012
Mario Kart 7 Nintendo 3DS 2013
Mario Kart 8 Wii U 2014