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ERTL was an American manufacturing company, purchased and converted into a toy brand in 1999 currently under Tomy ownership. Prior to that, in 1993, they were licensed to release die-cast vehicles and figurines to promote the release of the Super Mario Bros. film. They released a series of action figures for Mario, Luigi, President Koopa, Spike, Iggy and a Goomba. In addition, they released a vehicle modeled after the police cars featured on the film, a Devo Chamber model, 12-inch "Talking Mario" and "Talking Luigi" figures that would recite audio clips of the characters, a Devolution Gun model and a set of Super Mario Bros. film based walkie-talkies. The Devo Chamber set included a Goomba action figure with a Velociraptor-type head, one of the variant of the Goombas seen on the film.