Big Bertha (film character)

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Big Bertha
Big Bertha (film character)
Species Dinohattanite
First appearance Super Mario Bros. (1993)
Portrayed by Francesca Roberts
“Come and get it, big boy!”
Big Bertha, Super Mario Bros. movie

Bertha, or Big Bertha, is a Dinohattanite character in the 1993 Super Mario Bros. movie. She is the bouncer of the Boom Boom Bar, who wears a thick, red leather outfit with spikes. Big Bertha is named and based after the fish introduced in Super Mario Bros. 3. Much like the fish's depiction in the Nintendo Comics System, the movie's Big Bertha has a romantic attraction to Mario, taking a kiss from him in their last encounter. She was portrayed by Francesca Roberts.


Super Mario Bros. film[edit]

Big Bertha dancing at the Boom Boom Bar.

Mario and Luigi first encounter Big Bertha after they are robbed by the old lady in Koopa Square. Daisy's meteorite necklace is stolen by the old lady, which Big Bertha immediately sees and decides to take it for herself. Big Bertha picks up the old lady and tosses her into a vehicle, stealing the necklace and jumping away from the brothers using her Thwomp Stompers.

Later in the film, Mario and Luigi make an agreement with Spike and Iggy to work together to retrieve the meteorite piece. Luigi provides Spike and Iggy with a description of Big Bertha, and the two are able to pinpoint who he's talking about and where they will find her. They arrive to her place of work, the Boom Boom Bar, and see Big Bertha donning the meteorite necklace. Mario informs Luigi he has a plan to use his charm on her. Mario attempts to flirt with her, and he is met with a punch. Mario persists and tries again, resulting in Big Bertha ordering him to dance with her. They begin slow dancing, with Mario continuously making efforts through this dance to take the meteorite necklace off of her without her noticing. He succeeds, and runs off in a quick moment she turns around, upsetting her.

Lena and a group of Goombas arrive at the bar, arresting Spike and Iggy and taking back the meteorite necklace from Mario. Big Bertha surprisingly offers Mario and Luigi help, ushering them into the hat check room after she punches and knocks out the Hat Check Girl. She barricades the door behind her, and instructs Mario and Luigi to take a pair of Thwomp Stompers with their cartridges. She pulls in Mario for a kiss, and they thank her as they jump through a window away from the Boom Boom Bar.

She later appears near the catwalk in Koopa Square where Mario and President Koopa are having their battle. As Luigi and Daisy attempt to make their way over to the catwalk, Bertha throws Luigi a pair of Thwomp Stompers.