Big Bertha (film character)

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Big Bertha
Big Bertha (film character)
Species Dinohattanite
First appearance Super Mario Bros. (1993)
Portrayed by Francesca Roberts
“Come and get it, big boy!”
Big Bertha, Super Mario Bros. movie

Bertha, or Big Bertha, is a character in the Super Mario Bros. movie. She is the bouncer of the Boom Boom Bar, who wears a thick, red leather outfit with spikes. Big Bertha is named after the fish from Super Mario Bros. 3. Much like the fish's depiction in the Nintendo Comics System, the movie's Big Bertha had a crush on Mario. She was portrayed by Francesca Roberts.

Mario and Luigi first encounter Big Bertha when they are being robbed by an old lady who wanted Princess Daisy's necklace (to resell for Koopa Coins). Bertha tosses the old woman away and steals the necklace for herself. Before Mario can react, Bertha escapes using her Thwomp Stompers.

Mario and Luigi eventually track Big Bertha down to the Boom Boom Bar, where she works. Mario tries to get close to her on the dance floor, but his flirting merely earns him a punch in the face. However, his persistence eventually gets to Big Bertha, and she orders him to dance. After several failed attempts at getting the necklace back during the dance, Mario is finally able to snatch it and runs off. Suddenly, Lena and a group of Goombas appear in the bar, and while they take the necklace, Big Bertha helps Mario and Luigi escape. She punches the doorman and ushers the brothers into a side room, barricading the door behind them. She instructs Mario and Luigi to use the Stompers to break through the skylight, but before she lets him go, she steals a kiss from Mario.

She later appears near the catwalk where Mario and President Koopa are having their battle. As Luigi and Daisy attempt to make their way over to the catwalk, Bertha throws Luigi a pair of Thwomp Stompers.