Devo 4

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The King in Devo 4
Mario and Luigi meeting The King's fungal form in Devo 4

Devo 4 was a room located in Koopa's Tower in the 1993 Super Mario Bros. film, seemingly functioning the same as the Devo Chamber. The Devo Chamber was a large, room-sized machine built by President Koopa to de-evolve criminals or those opposed to him. Likewise, his Devo 4 chamber seemed to have the same capabilities, but did not seem to be functioning. President Koopa used the Devo 4 to de-evolve The King into a fungal mass which continued growing and expanding, overtaking the machine. The fungal mass continued and expanding outwards, reaching far across the entirety of the Dinohattan city, reaching as far as the Koopahari Desert. The King was capable of controlling this spread, with the main "heart" and "brain" of the operation being situated right at the Devo 4 machine. It can be inferred that Devo 4 was originally the throne room of The King, as situated right under the machine is a royalty-type chair.

President Koopa enters this room in this movie to talk condescendingly to the King, saying that his rebellion will have been in vain once he carries out his mission to combine Earth and Dinohattan and rule over both. Daisy is brought to this room by Iggy and Spike so that she may properly meet her father. The duo leaves her so she has time alone, and a wounded Yoshi joins her shortly after. Mario and Luigi reunite with Daisy here, and Mario takes off to save Daniella and the kidnapped Brooklyn women while Luigi and Daisy run off in attempts to escape the tower. After President Koopa's defeat, a short scene shows The King evolving back into his Dinohattanite form in this room.