Yoshi (film character)

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This article is about the character from the Super Mario Bros. film. For the character from the video games, see Yoshi. For the species, see Yoshi (species).
Species Dinosaur
First appearance Super Mario Bros. (1993)
Latest appearance KC Deluxe - "Yoshi's Road Hunting" (1994)
Latest portrayal Frank Welker

Yoshi is the much-abused pet dinosaur of President Koopa in the Super Mario Bros. film. Unlike most other inhabitants of Dinohattan, he retained his original reptilian form.

Despite having the same name, this version of Yoshi has very little in common with the Yoshi from the games outside of a long tongue.


Yoshi in the KC Deluxe manga

Much of Yoshi's early history is unknown. It is known that he had been the pet of President Koopa for some time, during which he suffered extensive physical abuse and was derisively called a "throwback". However, when Princess Daisy was captured, she befriended him, with Yoshi later getting stabbed by Lena for grabbing her leg with his tongue when trying to save Daisy. He survived, however, and bid farewell to the Mario brothers along with Daisy and Toad after Koopa was defeated.

This Yoshi, as a woman's pet, appears alongside the video game Yoshi in the Yoshi's Safari arc of the KC Deluxe manga, with the video game Yoshi even exclaiming it as "the real Yoshi in the movie!"