Piranha Panic

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Mario Superstar Baseball
The minigame, Piranha Panic from Mario Superstar Baseball

Piranha Panic is one of the many four-player minigames seen in Mario Superstar Baseball and Mario Super Sluggers. Yoshi hosts this minigame in his stadium, Yoshi Park. The four participants in the game sit in four pipes with colored Eggs behind them and three differently-colored Piranha Plants in front of them. Sometimes one of the Piranha Plants will duck down into its Warp Pipe, with a different Piranha Plant appearing to take its place.

Piranha Panic from Mario Super Sluggers

The goal is to throw the red, yellow, green and blue eggs into the Piranha Plant of the same color to earn points. If the wrong egg is thrown into a wrong colored Piranha Plant (e.g. Red Egg into Blue Piranha Plant), the Piranha Plant will proceed to spit a Fireball at the player who gave them the wrong egg, forcing them to duck. Occasionally, the players may find a Bomb amongst the eggs. If thrown at a Piranha Plant, the player will get three points. If thrown at a rival player (forcing them to duck for cover, as with fireballs), they will lose some points. Also, every now and then a giant Purple Piranha Plant will replace the other three for a few seconds; it will be able to eat all kinds of eggs, but will spit Fireballs at all players. The player with the most points at the end of the 60-second time limit (90 in Special Mode), wins the game.

Piranha Panic is also featured in Challenge Mode, where the player is able to challenge three Shy Guys to a game of Piranha Panic. In Mario Super Sluggers, the rules change. Players must prevent their Piranha Plants from reaching them by throwing balls at the plant. Every hit will fill up the player's gauge. Once the gauge reaches its maximum, the player can throw a bomb.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese パックンパニック (Mario Superstar Baseball)
Pakkun Panikku
パックントロッコ (Mario Super Sluggers)
Pakkun Torokko
Piranha Panic

Piranha Trolleys

French (NOA) Panique aux piranhas
Piranha Panic
Spanish (NOA) Pánico con Pirañas
Panic with Piranhas