Whiskered Eggplant

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Wario Palace
The Whiskered Eggplant

The Whiskered Eggplant is a power-up in Mario Superstar Baseball exclusive to Waluigi. It is a purple eggplant with a mustache.

In Challenge Mode, Waluigi had to purchase this eggplant item before he could use the Liar Ball, which is his Star Skill. However, Waluigi can only buy this if Wario is his team captain, or if he is on another captain's team. This item is only available in Challenge Mode, as Waluigi can use the Liar Ball in Exhibition Mode without needing the item.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ヒゲナスビ
Hige Nasubi
Moustache Eggplant