Wario Palace

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Wario Palace.

Wario Palace is Wario's Baseball Stadium in Mario Superstar Baseball, which resembles Wario Castle (or is possibly a conversion of it). It is located in a desert near Bowser's Stadium. It has a giant Golden Wario head, similar to the ones found in Wario World. In fact, there are a lot of features in the Wario Palace based on Wario World. There are also a few banners spread across the stadium, with a picture of Wario on them. Behind the foul line are two Chain Chomp's, one on each side of the Stadium. Although they are usually asleep, when awake they will attempt to attack any player that gets too close. They can run outside the foul line, so be careful. There are a few Star Pads underneath the Sand, and if the batter hits the ball on it, they will get a Star Point. Additionally, just outside the sides of the infield lies two Sandstorms, from Wario World. They will whip up a Sandstorm if the ball falls underneath them, and will shoot the ball out in a random direction. A Minigame is also featured in this stadium, named Chain Chomp Sprint.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ワリオパラダイス
Wario Paradaisu
Wario Paradise