Bob-omb Derby

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Not to be confused with Bomb Derby.
Solo Bob-omb Derby, from Mario Super Sluggers.
Mario Super Sluggers version of Bob-omb Derby
Mario Superstar Baseball version of Bob-omb Derby
Mario Superstar Baseball version of Bob-omb Derby
Mario Superstar Baseball version of Bob-omb Derby

Bob-omb Derby is a minigame in Mario Superstar Baseball and Mario Super Sluggers. It is set in the Mario Stadium, and is played during nighttime. A roulette will start, and the player must press the A Button in order to stop it. It will land on a certain image, and a machine that looks like F.L.U.D.D. will shoot out a Bob-omb at the player. The player must then hit the Bob-omb, in order to score a Home Run. A charged swing will always hit the ball with enough power to score a Home Run in this minigame, but it is still possible to get a Foul Ball if the ball is hit past the foul lines.

The Bob-omb will be a different speed depending on the image:

  • Mushroom: The Bob-omb will be slow, and will be easy to hit.
  • Fire Flower: The Bob-omb will travel at the normal speed rate of the normal Baseball.
  • Star: The Bob-omb will be somewhat fast.
  • Fireball: The Bob-omb will zoom pass the batter very fast, making it harder to hit.
  • King Bob-omb: King Bob-omb will be shot out at a random speed and, if hit, will score more points than a normal Bob-omb
  • Question Mark: One of the previous Bob-omb speeds except for King Bob-omb will be fired.

The player can score more points if they keep hitting the Bob-ombs, without missing one. This is called a Combo. However, a combo can easily be thrown off if a Bob-omb is missed.

In Mario Super Sluggers, the F.L.U.D.D.-like cannon is replaced by a normal one. In multiplayer and Grand Prix mode, several players participate hitting balls to the sky. The gameplay is the same except players stop the roulette and there is a third roulette marked with the characters' heads on them. If the third roulette lands on the character's head, the character is given a chance to destroy the firework by throwing baseballs at the flying Bob-omb. If the character succeeds, points are awarded to that character while the batting player receives no points. The roulette can also make either all opponents throw baseballs at the flying Bob-omb or none, if it lands on the X.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese はなび
French Bob-omb circuits Bob-omb Circuits
Spanish Bateador de Bob-ombs Bob-omb Batter