Hammer Throw (Mario Super Sluggers)

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Hammer Bro using Hammer Throw.

The Hammer Throw (also known as the Fire Throw and Boomerang Throw when used by Fire Bro and Boomerang Bro) is a special ability used in Mario Super Sluggers. It can be used by Hammer Bro, Boomerang Bro, or Fire Bro. This move is similar to a Magikoopa's Magical Catch, a Yoshi's Tongue Catch, and Birdo's Suction. Hammer Throw can be performed if the player presses the A Button button when the Hammer Bro is close to a ball out of reach. When performed, the Hammer Bro will throw its hammer at the ball. The hammer will catch the ball and come back to the Hammer Bro. If performed by a Boomerang Bro or Fire Bro, the procedure will stay the same; the only difference is that Boomerang Bros. will throw boomerangs and Fire Bros. will throw a ball of fire.