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This article is about the minigame from Mario Super Sluggers. For the Party Board in Mario Party DS, see Bowser's Pinball Machine.
Multiplayer Bowser Pinball
Solo Bowser Pinball
Multiplayer Bowser Pinball
Multiplayer Bowser Pinball

Bowser Pinball is a minigame from the game Mario Super Sluggers. It is held on the Bowser Castle stadium.

The player has to keep a Spiked Ball inside an area designed to be a pinball table. Points are earned by hitting coins, walls, and even Bob-ombs. There is also a set of slots in front of the Bowser statues. The results that the slots reveal determine the bonus received. Lastly, there is a pit at the center that open up occasionally.


  • Wii Remote (with or without Nunchuk): Swing the Wii Remote to make the character swing the bat.
  • Wii Remote (on its side): Press Two Button to swing the bat.

Points Required to Clear[edit]

The player has one minute to score more points than the required goal for each difficulty level.

  • Easy: 1,000
  • Normal: 1,500
  • Hard: 2,000

Special Mode[edit]

If the player clears all three difficulty levels, they can then play Special Mode, where the player has to get the best possible score with only two spiked balls. The mode also has a Bob-omb meter that double, triple, or quadruple the points that the player receives when filled up.


When more than one player is playing, players take turns batting the spiked ball around. While one player is batting, the other players have to repel the spiked ball before they get hit. All players start with 1,000 points, and anyone hit by the spiked ball loses 50 points. Players that hit the spiked ball earn 200 points if the batting player misses. Each player gets to bat the spiked ball for up to 30 seconds, and there are two rounds for each player. After two rounds, the player with the most points wins.