Liar Ball

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Liar Ball
“The eggplant that the Liar Ball delivers is said to have the power to make those who touch it lose their lunches.”
Waluigi's bio, Mario Superstar Baseball

Liar Ball is the Star Skill that Waluigi uses in Mario Superstar Baseball. The player must obtain a Whiskered Eggplant Power-Up in Challenge Mode of Mario Superstar Baseball before being able to use this move. While pitching, Waluigi is able to throw both a regular baseball and an eggplant, confusing the batter as to which to hit.

If Waluigi is batting, he hits both an eggplant and a baseball, confusing the fielders as to which ball to catch. The ball is hit as a high fly ball, and splits into the real ball and the eggplant shortly before hitting the ground. Attempting to catch the eggplant results in the fielder being stunned. It is very similar to Wario's Phony Ball with the only difference being is that Wario uses garlic in place of an eggplant, and that Waluigi's skill hits the ball a considerably shorter distance, usually landing close to the infield.

Mario Super Sluggers[edit]

Waluigi uses his Liar Ball Star Pitch in Mario Super Sluggers.
The Liar Ball, from Mario Super Sluggers

This Star Pitch is completely different in Mario Super Sluggers. Waluigi throws a giant baseball, which reverts to its normal size upon reaching the batter. The giant baseball can end up messing up the batter's timing. It also can place the ball in an unusual position after reverting to its regular size.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ウソツキボール
Usotsuki Bōru
Liar Ball


  • In Mario Super Sluggers, if the player is using Waluigi as the pitcher while using the Wii Remote in the upright position, the Liar Ball will slowly come down when reaching the batter.