List of Mario Super Sluggers glitches

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This is a list of glitches and bugs in Mario Super Sluggers. Unless otherwise noted, all names are conjectural.


Batting eye glitch

It is unknown what causes this glitch, but very rarely, Baby Mario or Toadette's eyes will become very large when performing a charge swing.[citation needed]

Close play camera lock

During close plays, if both the baseperson and the runner are rendered incapacitated during the special animation (i.e. Enlarge), the camera will remain fixated on the base until the next at-bat. This probably occurs because the game relies on the close play to finish uninterrupted to change the camera. This glitch can be achieved by pre-firing a POW Ball.[1]

DK's face appearing differently during replays

When Donkey Kong uses the Barrel Swing, he will show a neutral expression on his face, but if it is seen during a replay, he will show an angry expression instead.[2]

Mouth inconsistencies

Occasionally, when Funky Kong or a Kritter charge up when batting, their mouth will be closed (Funky Kong) or opened (Kritters).[citation needed]

Toy Field character voices

When ending a team battle in Toy Field where teams are either P1/P3 vs. P2/P4 or P1/P4 vs. P2/P3, the game will assume teams are set to P1/P2 vs. P3/P4, and therefore P2 and P3 will use incorrect sound clips if playing.[3]

Yoshi Train home run glitch

In Yoshi Park, if the player is batting and hits the ball into one of the Yoshi Train's passenger cars, the ball may disappear and display the "Home Run" message.[citation needed]