List of Wario Land: Super Mario Land 3 glitches

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! Block midair glitch[edit]

If Wario activates a large ! Block and quickly jumps afterwards before the level finishes, he will be standing in midair.

Disappearing spike ball[edit]

If a Guragura is on-screen and the player scrolls the camera far enough to make it go off-screen, when the player scrolls the camera back, the Guragura will no longer be swinging its spiked ball. However, its animation appears as if he is still throwing it. Scrolling it off the screen and making it reappear again or stunning it will make the ball reappear.

Double jump glitch[edit]

If the player collects a power-up while holding A Button, Wario will jump in midair, effectively giving him a second jump.

Ground Pound glitches[edit]

Ladder Ground Pound glitch[edit]

If Bull Wario performs a Ground Pound above a ladder and quickly descends it while the ground is shaking, he will eventually stand inside the ladder. From here, he can jump down to descend it more quickly than climbing down it.

Narrow passage Ground Pound glitch[edit]

If Bull Wario is standing adjacent to a narrow passage (one block tall) and performs a Ground Pound, he can enter the passage while the ground is shaking without having to crouch. He can then continue to walk through the passage even after shaking.

Level skip glitch[edit]

NOTE: This glitch is only possible in the Game Boy version of the game. It was fixed in the 3DS Virtual Console version.

It is possible to skip certain levels or even worlds if there is a possible path to the right and an open path in a different direction. This can be done by pressing +Control Pad right and a different direction simultaneously on the D-Pad.

For example, Course No.01 starts with a path downward at all times (which takes Wario to the overworld) and a possible path to the right (which takes Wario to Course No.02). If the player presses +Control Pad down and +Control Pad right simultaneously, Wario can walk to Course No.02 even if he has not completed Course No.01.

The reason why this occurs is that when the game first checks if Wario can possibly move in a certain direction (even if the direction is not unlocked yet), it checks button presses in the order +Control Pad left, +Control Pad up, +Control Pad down, and +Control Pad right. After this, to determine which direction Wario should move, the game checks which button is pressed a second time, this time in this order: +Control Pad right, +Control Pad left, +Control Pad up, +Control Pad down [1] This discrepancy makes the glitch possible.

In the 3DS's Virtual Console version, the button checking is consistent, by always checking in this order: +Control Pad right, +Control Pad left, +Control Pad up, +Control Pad down. This consistency fixes the glitch and makes it impossible to perform on the 3DS.

Life loss unfrozen enemies glitch[edit]

Normally when Wario loses a life, any enemies are frozen and do not move. However, by pausing and unpausing, enemies are unfrozen and can move again. This glitch is graphical and does not have any added effects.

Out of bounds glitches[edit]

Course No.01[edit]

As Jet Wario, the player should go past the first Muncher pit. One section has a vertical column of 5 coins; this has a hidden ladder above. (This is easiest to reach in high tide, but is still possible in low tide.) This ladder leads to a hidden platform above with coins.

It is possible for Jet Wario to continuously fly either to the left or right (by starting a new flight after stopping one). If Jet Wario flies to the left (to the beginning of the level), odd gray rectangles appear in the sky. Eventually, the left wall can be seen, but it is one block wide and contains an invisible block next to it. If he descends to the beginning of the level, there are other graphical glitches that occur, where random blocks replace the background (including the water). Scrolling to the right and back to the left fixes the graphical glitches.

If Jet Wario instead flies to the right, more strange gray rectangles can be seen, and he can end up above the cliff. Going to the right of this cliff reveals more garbage blocks, and is virtually unplayable. If Jet Wario flies past the left boundary here, he will end up on the right side, and bringing out a 10 Gold Coin will make it disappear. Wario will be trapped here, and the only way out is to wait for time to run out or reset the game.

Course No.35[edit]

It is also possible for Jet Wario to fly out of bounds in Course No.35. Jet Wario can fly past the top-left corner of the first section, and he will eventually end up below the screen, where more graphical glitches occur. It is possible to break blocks, which affects another portion of the level. Eventually, a door can be found, which will take the player in a different part of the level.

Respawning Guragura glitch[edit]

In Course No.01, at the end of the level in low tide, a Guragura takes a 10 Gold Coin and tosses it at the goal door. If Wario leaves this room and revisits it, the Guragura will respawn again, and will throw another 10 Gold Coin. This time, since the goal door is already unlocked, the 10 Gold Coin will bounce off the wall and land on the ground, and Wario can collect it. This can be repeated a limited amount of times: the Guragura will move right every time this is done, so it cannot be done forever (unless the level is revisited again in low tide).

The glitch is not possible in high tide since the Guragura no longer unlocks the goal door.

Spiked Koopa pause glitch[edit]

Normally when facing the Spiked Koopa boss, Wario cannot move until the Spiked Koopa finishes floating upwards and then landing on the ground. However, by pausing and waiting for a few seconds, Wario can then move even while the Spiked Koopa is floating upwards, and can even get an early hit on him by attacking him from underneath.

Trapped Guragura glitch[edit]

In Course No.38, it is possible for the player to trap a Guragura within the giant ! Block at the end by throwing it at it.