Kōmori Missile

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Kōmori Missile
Batto Shuruken & Kōmori Missile
Artwork from the Japanese guide
First appearance Wario Land: Super Mario Land 3 (1994)
Lava Bubble

Kōmori Missiles are bat-like projectiles encountered in Wario Land: Super Mario Land 3. Similar to how the Mario franchise featured Bowser Statues, this game features Batto Shuruken that fire Kōmori Missiles. The Kōmori Missiles shot in a straight line and cannot be stopped, unless they hit a wall. These enemies look like Lava Bubbles, as they both are fiery objects and display a pair of tiny eyes. Also similar to Lava Bubbles, the Kōmori Missiles flash white, meaning it is incandescent.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese こうもりミサイル[1]
Kōmori Misairu
Bat Missile


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