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Wario attacking a Yadorā
A Yadorā as depicted in KC Deluxe
Artwork from the Japanese guide

A Yadorā (ヤドラー[1]) is a small hermit crab enemy in Wario Land: Super Mario Land 3. Yadorā walk back and forth, stopping at platforms' edges. When they reach an edge, they withdraw into their shells and turn around. The crabs are virtually invincible when they withdraw into their shells. The Yadorā can be defeated only by a side tackle to their weak spot, their back. The only other way is with Dragon Wario's breath. If Wario comes in contact with any other part of their body, he shrinks to Small Wario.

The Yadorā are also immune to water; they can walk around in it without taking damage. Wario can simply touch their backs to knock them out when they are underwater.

Their name comes from「ヤドカリ」 (yadokari, hermit crab).


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