Black Sugar Gang

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Black Sugar Gang
The Black Sugar Gang in Wario Land II, about to strike Wario Castle.
Leader Captain Syrup
Alarm Clock
Giant Spear Man
Mecha Kuri
Spiked Pirate
First Appearance Wario Land: Super Mario Land 3 (1994)
Latest Appearance Wario Land II (1998)
Member Species
Bucket Head
Pirate Goom
Yarikuri Obake

The Black Sugar Gang (known as the Brown Sugar Pirates in the original English translation, until it was changed to match the EU translation) is a group of pirates led by Captain Syrup in Wario Land: Super Mario Land 3 and Wario Land II. Their base of operations is Syrup Castle, located on Kitchen Island. The crew is made up mostly of Pirate Gooms and Wanderin' Gooms, though most of the significant members are of other species (for example, Bobo of their pirate ship, the SS Tea Cup).

After Wario Land II, the crew has been absent from most games. Captain Syrup later reappeared in Wario Land: Shake It! in her new ship The Sweet Stuff, but her crew is missing.


Wario Land: Super Mario Land 3[edit]

In Wario Land: Super Mario Land 3, the Black Sugar Gang was well-known for stealing many great treasures, including a giant golden statue of Princess Toadstool, ruler of the Mushroom Kingdom. Upon hearing this, Wario travels to Kitchen Island, planning to steal their treasures and reclaim the statue for reward money. After traversing throughout the island, Wario succeeded in defeating Syrup's comrades and eventually defeated Syrup herself. Mario then took the statue of Toadstool right before Wario could get it. Saddened, Wario was cheered up when the Genie exchanged Wario's coins and treasure to make his wish for a castle come true. Wario's success depends on the player's results.

Wario Land II[edit]

In Wario Land II, three Pirate Gooms led by Captain Syrup attacked Wario Castle, and re-took three bags of valuables out of revenge. Enraged, Wario chased them on their way back to Kitchen Island to re-steal "his" stolen treasure. Syrup sent her officers to defeat Wario, but again they all fell to him. Not even the Giant Spear Man could defeat Wario, though he tried many times. In the end, Wario defeated Captain Syrup once again, and re-obtained the stolen treasure. Eventually, he returned to Syrup Castle after he had completed a treasure map on his travels, and took the opportunity to steal the Syrup's own treasure. When Wario found the Giant Spear Man guarding the treasure hoard, he defeated him for the final time, and nabbed the large sack. However, the Giant Spear Man followed him home. It is unknown if he changed sides or if he was still persistent in fighting Wario.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ブラックシュガー団
Burakku Shugā Dan
Black Sugar Gang
German Zuckerrohr-Piraten (Wario Land)
Black Sugar Gang (Wario Land II)
Sugarcane Pirates
Black Sugar Gang